Parent Teacher Committee


Michael Carreaon

210-843-8778 (Text)

Vice President

Jennifer Berdis

210-488-0843 (Text)


Laura Bean

210-573-0336 (Text)

Teacher Representative

Shannon Gibbons


Roger Mendiola

210-859-2107 (Text)

Legislative School Representative

Elizabeth Reedy

210-387-1709 (Text)


George Tello

210-548-5880 (Text)

Room Parent Rep.

Courtney Hernandez

210-867-6469 (Text)

Holy Name Catholic School

Here at Holy Name, we strive for Academic Excellence with our inclusion of Religion.  Our staff is made up of the longevity of teachers with an average of 10 years teaching within the Archdiocese Schools.


This school is made up of a community of families that engage together to create a Christ-like environment.  Parishioners and volunteers diligently strive to support this community.  


One school. One faith.  One community.


Phone: 210-333-7356

Fax: 210-333-7642

Address: 3814 Nash Boulevard

San Antonio, TX 78223

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